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墨西哥 心花開 AAA 水洗與蜜處理 MEXICO The Flor de Corazon Fully Washed & Honey Processed /225g




卡拉維拉是一間擁有B型企業(Certified B Corporation)的跨國公司,



在全世界,他們跟許多知名咖啡廳是指定合作生豆商,e.g. 澳洲 Campos, Single O, Pablo & Rusty, 英國 Ozone, 丹麥 Coffee Collective 等等





HARVEST November - February


MUNICIPALITY San Mateo Yoloxochitlán


ALTITUDE 1,700 1,900 MASL

產地:墨西哥 心花開 AAA 水洗與蜜處理




The Flor de Corazon or the heart flower is a type of magnolia endemic to northern Oaxaca in Mexico. In can be found in many botanical gardens in the region due to it medicinal properties, believed to help cardiac problems and to clean the blood. The flor de Corazon is also a fantastic plant to have on coffee farms as it supports the diversity of the ecosystem, attracting bees, providing shade to the coffee trees and has the power to transform coffee farms into even more breathtaking places.

This flower is known by the coffee producers in the region, they even use the petals to make infusions or to infuse into coffee or hot chocolate to add aromatic flavor notes and for the medical properties. These family farms are a real team effort. Families carry out pickings in what they call “journeys” where groups peel off to pick in various locations, sometimes for entire days, and return, sharing what they have found.

Although and important symbol for the region, this flower in endangered as it has a long and often unsuccessful germination and the seeds are a popular part of the diet for local birds in the area, local conservationists say that their role and place in the farm ecosystem will prove key to this species survival.


墨西哥 心花開 AAA 水洗與蜜處理 MEXICO The Flor de Corazon Fully Washed & Honey Processed /225g